Spanish Courses


 Are you an adult or senior student and you cannot find a Spanish Course for people like you?   

Would you like to learn Spanish while enjoying yourself in an area not yet crowded with tourists?

Do you like trying local specialities, learning about  culture and enjoying  nature?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ , then read on…

                              Mini Group



Minimum age : 21 years old.

  • With or without  organised accommodation .

  • Full Board  with local  families: this accommodation includes: single bedroom, shared bathroom, three main meals and cleaning. The family will pick you up at the railway of bus station in Huelva on arrival and will accompany you to the school on the first day of class

  • Students must bring  their own health-care insurance before arriving in Spain. Besides, You will be fully  insured by our school  for the classes and activities carried out  by Educamundo 

  • The possible visa to enter Spain  will be acquired  by the student. To help you with the bureaucracy , Educamundo will provide you with the certificate of attendance to the course and the direction of the family with which you will be staying

  • Transportation from the student’s place of origin to Huelva will be at the student’s expense. Educamundo will provide you with the necessary information to organise such transport.

  • Classes start on the dates showed below. In case of staying with families, the student must arrive in Huelva the day before the beginning of the course.

  • The course and any accommodation with the family must be paid in full 15 days before the start of the course.

  • Lessons will be held  in the mornings: from 9:00 am to 10:45 and from 11:15 to 13:30 pm with a break in the middle of the morning ( 20 hours a week of classes )

  • Classes are up to 8 people  for personalized attention.

  • Students will receive the necessary material  for the course, which is included in the price.

  • The course will be given  by qualified and experienced teachers

  • Extensive cultural and leisure programme in the afternoons and weekends            ( guided tours, excursions, cinema…) With a member of our staff  so as to continue practicing Spanish.

  • At the end of the course the student will receive a certificate of attendance issued by Educamundo


Courses with cultural and leisure programme:

1) Monday 24th June to Sunday 30th June ( 8 days )

1.a- Beginner  (A2: Classes + afternoon/ weekend  programme : 575€ 

1.b –Pre-Intermediate ( B1 ): Classes + afternoon/ weekend  programme : 575€

2) Monday 15th July to Friday 26th July ( 14 days ) 

2.a. Beginner ( A2 ):  Classes + afternoon/ weekend  programme :  800€

2.b. Pre-Intermediate ( B1 ):  Classes + afternoon/ weekend  programme :  800€

Courses with no culture and leisure programme:

3)  – Monday 4th September to Friday 27th September :

3.a) Beginner ( A2 ) : 72 hours of classes : 350€

4) Monday 14th October to Thursday 31st October

4.1) Beginner ( A2 ) : 56 hours of classes : 300€