Living with less

  1. Evaluate your space and examine your priorities.
  2. Empty every area of your home
    3- Store the things you can’t part with.
    4- Seek high-quality stuff.
    5- Be grateful for what you have.
    6.- What Downshifting is about

7- Think before you buy new things.

A- For centuries , Man used to live on very little indeed, only owning what was essential for their lives . Today, we live in a society that encourages us to constantly accumulate more things, and to spend our money on items that we can show off to the people in our lives. But at the end of the day, is it worth it? Is life all about seeing who can collect more things, or is there something to be said for adopting a more minimalistic approach to material possessions? It has been suggested that learning to live with less
can actually make us happier. Here are some tips to achieve this downshifting movement.
B- The first step to minimalist living is stepping back and observing. Examine your home, your belongings, your lifestyle, and your attitude from an objective perspective. If you think you own multiple versions of the same items or you feel stressed about trying to
find a place to store clothes you never wear and can’t keep track of , then you might need to take up this new trend and join the Downshifting movement.
C- This one goes without saying. To live with less, you have to get rid of a lot, which can sometimes feel overwhelming and impossible and it is true that starting is the most difficult part, but , once you commit to clearing out your space, the actual process will begin to feel manageable and even fun. Start simple and get rid of any duplicate items you own. Next, get rid of everything you don’t use or see on a regular basis. Say goodbye to those socks you wear approximately once every two years. And as you go
through your belongings, focus on eliminating not just the items you don’t use, but also the ones that don’t bring joy or meaning to your life. The best consequence? You will find that your house is bigger than you thought!
D- We all inevitably own items that we love but don’t have space for in our home. We may have old photo albums, or even jewelry from our grandmother but this life style has no room for these things. So as not to go crazy and throw away possible valuable things, putting them into storage , either rented or asking someone with a big house to store them for you, can be a great solution for when you might need them in the future.
E- One of the biggest components of minimalist living is giving adequate thought to the things you buy or bring into your home. Before you buy that blue scarf you see for sale at your local boutique, stop to ask yourself why you feel the impulse to buy it. Do you really need that scarf to keep you warm or did you pick it up because you saw the red sticker with a 50% discount? Ask yourself the hard questions before you bring in more things and chaos into your life.
F- That being said, when you do need or want to buy something, go out of your way to make sure it’s a quality item. Investing your money and time into finding things that are built to last will ensure you don’t have to shop as often to replace your worn-down or broken belongings. The same goes for style. Invest in classic, timeless pieces — whether it’s for your wardrobe, linen and bedding collection, or furniture — that you
know you’ll love for years to come.
G- Minimalist living is largely about the search for contentment, and contentment begins with gratitude for what you have. Focus on the beauty, convenience, and ease your belongings bring to your life, whether it’s a painting that makes you smile or a French teapot that helps you start your morning routine. When you feel grateful for everything you own, the desire to own more gradually disappears. But remember something important : The stuff you own doesn’t fuel your happiness. You know what
does? Experiences and relationships.

Hola a todos. Por esta maldita situación sanitaria, hemos decido cerrar totalmente nuestra escuela en Calle La Paz. Este curso estamos trabajando exclusivamente online y por teléfono sin por ello bajar nuestra actividad. El curso que viene evaluaremos la situación para ver si volvemos a abrir físicamente y de paso buscar una mejor ubicación. ¡Se admiten ideas!

Nuestras profes se tomaran un merecidísimo descanso desde el 24 de diciembre al 6 de enero, ambos inclusives. Mientras tanto organizaremos los cursos para el siguiente trimestre y en unos días los tendréis listos para pedírselos a los Reyes ¿ O sois mas de Papa Noel ? . Mejor ambos ¿no?


Ya necesitas ponerte “las pilas” y prepararte para conseguir tu objetivo en Inglés, Francés , Alemán o Español?

Nosotras seguiremos dándote clases como de costumbre pero ON-LINE mientras la cosa no se ponga mas clara. ¿Por qué empezamos on-line al contrario de las demás academias? Nosotras pensamos que dado el tamaño de las aulas de una academia tipo, es casi imposible garantizar la seguridad sanitaria vuestra y nuestra. Pero estamos super ilusionadas porque cuando todo esté un poco mas claro, aprovecharemos para abrir en local nuevo!!! Con aulas un poco mas grandes y mejor situado.

De momento, si quieres ver lo que ya tenemos para ti, pincha en las etiquetas arriba y encontraras toda la información sobre horarios y precios.

No hemos parado de dar clase un minuto, siempre intentando que tengáis el curso que necesitéis para lograr vuestros objetivos en Inglés y Francés. Aunque nos encantaría veros a todos físicamente, seguimos on-line porque es muy muy complicado poder dar las clases en las aulas típicas de una academia sin correr riesgos. Por vosotros y por nosotras seguiremos teniendo clases telemáticas  mientras el cuerpo aguante.

Hola a todos,

Obviamente , e igual que todos vosotros, estamos cerrados al publico.

Esto no quiere decir que no estemos trabajando, ya que estamos impartiendo todas todas todas nuestras clases telemáticamente a nuestros grupos a su hora habitual. Esto quiere decir que todas estamos haciendo un esfuerzo extra para que nuestros alumnos tengan sus clases sin mas contratiempos que la posible caida de la red…que pasa ¡ claro que pasa! Pero entre moviles , ordenadores , tablets y demás gadgets , y sobre todo mucha paciencia y mucha buena voluntad , seguimos adelante.

Esperamos veros a la vuelta de unas semanas y poder darnos besos y abrazos como todos merecemos. Mientras tanto, las tres os mandamos un abrazo virtual enorme

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